Sunday, May 15, 2005

Welcome to my Catablog.

This blog is an experiment for me to create my own catablog -- a list of products & services I like and recommend.

Sometimes I'll review the products & services. Sometimes I'll just quote my favorite line from the DVD or CD. Where possible, I'll link to the products & services in case you want to try them yourself.

A friend of mine tells me there's not much difference between my catablog and the "web link spam" that comes from search engine optimizers. I do not agree.
  1. I'm not automating this process;

  2. I am not recommending things I dislike;

  3. and my goal is for the sum to be greater than the parts in telling the audience who I am by showcasing what I like.

  4. I will post at most once a day, and many days not at all. Just when I feel inspired to mention another product or service I really like.
This experiment is a journey, so let's see where it takes us...


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